Carmel is a co-educational K-12 school situated in the heart of the Perth Jewish community.

Our school has more than 410 students, with approximately 80 dedicated staff members. Carmel is centrally located on expansive grounds, with the Early Learning Center (ELC) and Primary Schools distinctively separated from the High School by the presence of an oval and recreation area. Each educational campus is designed to cater to the unique learning requirements of our students, fostering an environment conducive to growth and excellence. In fact, our students SOAR – click to find out more.

Further details about each of our schools can be found below. We extend a warm invitation to families contemplating enrolment to schedule a tour with our enrolment team.


Ashley Schaffer Early Learning Centre

The purpose-built Ashley Schaffer Early Learning Centre (ELC) at Carmel is a large, welcoming space that houses our Kindergarten, Pre-primary and Year 1 classes.

Carmel Kindy

Carmel Kindy is a unique experience. From the moment families enter the room, the magic of the learning environment and the warmth of our educators is immediately apparent. 

Carmel Pre-primary

A visit to the Carmel Pre-primary classrooms reveals that they are very active places; full of engaged learners who are responding to a carefully planned combination of play-based learning and explicit instruction.

Primary School

Carmel Primary School is a beautiful and vibrant campus that encourages young people to collaborate, experiment and participate in investigative learning.

Secondary School

Carmel High School is widely acknowledged as a centre for academic excellence. Consistently ranked highly, our results are a testament to the strong learning culture that permeates our school.