This year, Carmel School will open its doors on Yom Ha'atzmaut to members of the Perth Jewish community who are considering future Carmel School enrolment. This specially chosen festival will be an excellent opportunity to experience the special atmosphere of Carmel School as we celebrate Israel's birthday together.

You are invited to join us as our whole School celebrates Israel's birthday. The day will commence with song, dance and ruach, followed by educational activities about the State of Israel. Guests will be partnered with students and registration is essential. The Yom Ha'atzmaut festival will start at 8.30am on Thursday 15 April. Please register your attendance via email.


Carmel School's Yom Ha’atzmaut event is kindly sponsored by the Kremnizer family in loving memory of Mr Alex and Mrs Tamara Grossman, obm.

Tamara Grossman, obm, survived the horrors of Auschwitz, singing and dreaming of a Sovereign Jewish State in our ancient Jewish homeland of Israel. Thought her life, she and her husband Alex, obm worked for and supported Zionist organisations in both Australia and Israel, and imbued in their children and grandchildren a love of and support for Israel. 

Passionate about Jewish education, Tamara was thrilled that her many grandchildren and great grandchildren are thriving in the Australian Jewish Day Schools of today. She understood that educating Jewish generations of tomorrow is the vital key to Jewish continuity.

Alex Grossman, obm, also a Holocaust survivor, was a true gentleman, with a great sense of humour who led a remarkable life. His generosity and warm smile touched the lives and hearts of anyone he met. Alex was known as a hard working person who was never drawn to the glory attached to communal contributions, he simply wanted to give and help. He loved simple acts of kindness where he could help anyone in need. 

Mr and Mrs Grossman, obm would be thrilled that their names are now associated with Carmel School’s Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations, a day where the Jewish children of Perth come together to rejoice in and celebrate with Israel and the Jewish people.

We acknowledge and thank the Kremnizer family for their kind and generous donation.