We acknowledge the generous donations of Godel Korsunski and Harry and Sylvia Hoffman, among other donors, whose support and vision has enabled the continued prosperity of our School. The School provides a number of opportunities to donate, including the Building Fund and the Library Fund. If you are considering remembering Carmel School in your Will, please click here for further information.

Many of our donors elect to contribute to the Carmel School Jewish Education Foundation (JEF).  The JEF was established in 2009, with the generous support of our Patron Hilton Nathanson. The goal of the JEF is to create an independent asset, the sole purpose of which is to help ensure the long-term affordability and sustainability of Jewish education at Carmel. A strong Jewish day school is one of the foundation stones of a strong and vibrant Jewish community. This is not something new but something that we, as a people, have understood through the years.

The JEF is a form of visionary philanthropy. It is not giving that will generate an immediate return, nor will the giving be reflected in a physical construction with bricks and mortar. It is generational giving, whereby we are looking to underpin the education of future generations of Jewish children. This is a Foundation that will probably not benefit our children, but our children’s children and generations to follow.

The Foundation is a long-term play, just as the opening of Carmel School by our Founders in 1959 was an inspired long-term play.

To make a tax deductible donation or to discuss the Jewish Education Foundation, please contact shalom@carmel.wa.edu.au or visit GiveNow.