The Hangout Outside of School Hours Care (OSHC) is privately owned and operated by Alison Hodgson and Renee Scorer, who host many years of experience in Early Childhood Centres, including outside of school hours and long day care.

Our Program is tailored to meet the School community needs with our main focus being the children. The children at our centre share with us their ideas and we aim to utilise these ideas to make a fun-filled program chosen by them!

Our program is based around fun!!!

Yes we may climb trees and explore sticks and pebbles but that’s what childhood is all about! Being Reggio-inspired, we aim to bring all these FUN and holistic experiences to life through our programs!

Planting seeds and making a mess to chilling with a movie or computer game, our program is designed so every child enjoys their time with us doing what THEY would like to do. We have art and craft available constantly as well as cooking activities and sports. We cater for everyone’s interests and skills and, if we don’t have something, we can get it!

Programs are available for families, so they can see just a few of our daily activities, but we always have more happening every day because the children’s ideas and interests change every day.

Our programs follow the ‘My Time, Our Place’ curriculum and are supported through our journal and term planner. There is always information at the centre for families to view what their children are up to here and our staff are always excited to share the children’s day with their families.

During the school holidays, our vacation care program is fun-filled, nonstop awesomeness for your kids and their friends, with excursions, adventures and learning. Families have the peace of mind that there are no additional costs for excursions. Breakfast and afternoon tea are provided for all of our children while their families provide their morning tea and lunch. The educators ensure an ‘all hands on deck’ approach for excellent supervision and awesome activities.

You can download an Enrolment Form for The Hangout here and access common Q&As here. You can also visit their website and Facebook page for more information.