The Perth Jewish community is fortunate to have a weekly newspaper that delivers an easy-to-read weekly roundup of local, national and international Jewish news. Each week, The Maccabean provides articles that are interesting and informative, as well as a vital source of commentary on issues affecting all of us. Not only does the newspaper feature articles on topics trending on the national and international stage, but it allows readers to stay up to date with local and community content, including news and events at Carmel.

The Maccabean is an important communication tool for Carmel as well as all our community organisations. But our community is not a large one, and to keep producing their high-quality publication, The Maccabean relies on the support of subscribers and advertisers. If you want to ensure that The Maccabean is delivered to your mailbox each Friday, giving you all the news and updates you need for the weekend, subscribe now.

To find out more on how you can support your community and subscribe to The Maccabean, you can download the form here or contact them on 9276 7868 or via email.