The first official HASS Week at Carmel School was a great success! Boosting off the week was a highly engaging talk by small business owner Kate Hannah, who spoke to a High School Assembly about the importance of sustainability, globalisation, ethics and finance skills to succeed with a small business. All of these themes show how HASS is so important to prepare young people for the real modern world.

There were quizzes in Mentor every morning, creating a buzz of competition between the Houses, and students were invited to relax with a movie in a warm classroom during lunchtimes. Finally, the inaugural student Shark Tank competition was held on Friday lunchtime, with a team from each House presenting their business ideas promoting the theme of sustainability. The expert panel of Dr David Wauge, Mrs Melinda Italiano and Morah Zsuzsi heard proposals involving sweeping oceans, banana peels, recycling apps and environmentally friendly mobile phones. Each House received points for the quizzes and for their placing in the Shark Tank competition, with the winning House receiving a prize of a ceramic keep cup for each student. The results will be announced at this Friday’s High School Assembly, so stay tuned!

Many thanks to our expert “Sharks”, Mentor teachers, and especially the fabulous HASS staff for making this such a great week.

Mrs Russell