It has been a big year, a busy year. Our Carmel students are rightfully feeling tired and ready for the long stretch of summer holidays. Perth has already begun to heat up and the call of our magnificent, turquoise and white beaches is getting louder and more compelling.

As we begin our end-of-year holidays, my message to students is always the same: when planning activities and fun outings with friends, please try to be as inclusive as possible. Think of someone who you might not automatically put on your ‘to call’ list, and send them an invite; the more the merrier! And for our High School students who often message on whole class ‘chats’, it’s important to pepper whole class activities throughout the holidays, giving all students a chance to socialise and have fun together. This is what makes Carmel School have that family feel that we are so proud of.

As parents, we know that there will be times when our kids will skulk into the kitchen as we are hurriedly getting ready for work, and in a whiny voice say ‘I’m bored’. Rather than feel pounded with guilt that you are not able to provide them with a fantabulous activity such as skydiving or surfing, know that boredom isn’t all bad. Leaving our kids alone with their own thoughts, contemplating and day dreaming, can often spur problem solving and creativity. It gives our children a chance to learn to be comfortable with their own company and may even incentivise the reading of good old-fashioned books!

In our always-connected world, boredom may be an elusive state, but it is a fertile one. Watching paint dry or water boil, or at least putting away the smartphone for a while, is good for the soul. Boredom gives our brain rest and space, often needed to germinate the next big idea.

I wish all our Carmel students and families a safe and relaxing break. May the next few weeks be filled with fun times with family and friends, and yes, a little bit of boredom too!

Wishing you both a Shabbat Shalom and Chanukah Sameach in advance.

See you in 2020!