Tess Cinamon was born in Harare and grew up in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.  She completed primary and secondary schooling in Bulawayo and went on to do a diploma in Early Childhood Development through the University of South Africa. 

In primary school she attended a Jewish day school called "Carmel"! Very different to our Carmel, although also a Modern Orthodox school less than half of the students that attended were Jewish as unfortunately the community was small in number.

Tess has 3 girls at Carmel High school, her youngest having just started high school this year, and Tess is an education assistant in our Kindy. So, not only is Tess a Carmel mum, but she is also a Morah!  Tess cherishes both roles and feel completely fulfilled in both of these pivotal areas of her life.

One of the major reasons for immigrating was to offer her girls a brighter future. She arrived in Perth with her three girls then 7, 4 and 2 in February of 2007 and has never looked back. Regarding education, the choice of school was a ‘no brainer’ and her girls have flourished under the Carmel wing, growing from strength to strength in the loving, nurturing community orientated environment. The education that they are receiving in both the secular and Jewish areas of learning are nothing short of AMAZING! Highlights include the Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations, the end of year concerts and the annual pilgrimage to Israel, Shorashim. With regards to Shorashim, Tess says “this is honestly a life-changing, growth-enriched program of learning on so many levels - educationally, personally, emotionally, independently and as an opportunity to deeply understand their own Jewish faith and culture. I know that students return as changed individuals on every level and all the richer for having gone through such an incredible program.”

Tess feels beyond lucky to be able to experience all these things through the eyes of not only a parent but a staff member too.