This term saw our High School students participate enthusiastically in the House Cultural Competition. The students competed in Chess, Debating, Connect 4 and newly introduced activities; Battle of the Bands and a Lip Sync competition. Congratulations to the students who braved the stage and performed in front of their peers, the entertainment was appreciated by those who came to watch in their recess break. I congratulate the SRC on their wonderful initiative of introducing these new activities, but let’s just say there is a bit of work to be done!

After competing for their Houses in three qualifying rounds, the students participated in the finals of the Chess, Debating and Connect 4 last Friday. Congratulations to all those students who took the time to debate and get involved in the board games.

After tallying the points in each competition the final standings are as follows –

  • Teveria – 1st place
  • Yerushalayim – 2nd place
  • Zfat – 3rd place
  • Be’er Sheva – 4th place

Congratulations Teveria for being champion House in the Cultural Competition.

Mr Shadgett