It has been an extremely rewarding opportunity to meet with each of the Year 10 students following their Morrisby assessment. It is fantastic to see so much enthusiasm around career choices and options and I have enjoyed the opportunity to be able to discuss the outcomes of the report and work with the students to identify possible career pathways. For most students, the report confirmed what they already know about themselves, while for others the report produced some unexpected results. Students should remember that the report is merely a tool to support their decisions and should be used for this purpose only.

Year 10 is a really important time in a student’s life. They must make some important decisions regarding subject choices that will inevitably lead to certain courses and jobs and it is perfectly natural to be unsure as to what these choices should be. We are very lucky at Carmel to have a wide range of subjects delivered by highly professional practitioners. I encourage students, who are interested in certain subjects, to chat to the specialist teachers along with older siblings and friends who will be able to provide them with specific information and answer any questions that they may have. Year 10’s should also take the time to explore the various university courses on offer through their websites and determine whether there are any pre-requisite subjects for specific courses.

During our meetings, students were also introduced to our very own Carmel Careers website. By visiting Carmel Careers, students are able to explore a wide range of jobs and careers and obtain useful information such as future employment prospects, expected pay and courses that lead to that career. There are links to universities as well as the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) which provides further information on the subjects on offer at the school.

Our subject selection meeting will take place  in Week 1 of Term 3 on Tuesday 23 July at 6.30pm. Parents and students are invited to attend and will have the opportunity to speak with Mr Shadgett and the Heads of Learning Areas.


Ms Italiano