By Rori S and Josie N

Last week from Tuesday to Thursday the Year 8s went down south on Cape-to-Cape camp. The year was divided into two groups, each taking part in a series of activities and challenges throughout the camp such as hikes, abseiling and kayaking.
The first group’s journey began in Gracetown, where they challenged their physical and mental ability by abseiling down a 40-metre cliff and participating in a three-hour hike along the beach.
The second group, however, experienced a setback on their way to Margaret River, having a flat tyre, leaving students to wait for the activities to arrive.
Altogether, once both groups completed the abseiling, everyone agreed that it was an experience worth waiting for. The students also learned about the native people of the land, before setting up for the time of their lives.
As well as abseiling down a cliff, the year group had the opportunity to go kayaking down Margaret River. They spent three incredible hours cruising down and back up the river, before taking a relaxing swim in the waters.
The camp was an amazing experience for everyone. They all had a fantastic time and enjoyed trying to overcome their fear of heights and pushing their physical boundaries in two three-hour hikes.
The year group would like to thank Mr Quelch, Mrs Atkinson, Mr Carter, Mr Duthie, Mr Lavi, Ms Greenberg, Mr Shadgett and Mr Scrivner, who helped make the camp possible.