On Wednesday 25 September, the Year 7 students, accompanied by Morah Levy and Mr Lavi, went on a memorable excursion to the Sir David Brand School for students with special needs. This excursion was so much more than we expected it to be.  The school was quite different from what we had imagined: it is quite small and the students are very welcoming. Although many students can’t talk we were able to communicate with them. 

After a short walk through Yokine Reserve, we arrived at the SDB School and helped with the setup. Our goal was to prepare all the stations and games for their Athletics Carnival.  We set up the tents, games and all the sports equipment. The students of Sir David Brand School were delighted to see us and to interact through all the games. The carnival events included a variety of hands-on activities suitable for all students. These activities included throwing, jumping, catching and running. At the end of the day, there was a big tug of war between teachers and students as well as a relay race.

After the carnival we assisted with packing up the equipment, and taught several Hebrew words to the Principal in exchange for a lesson in sign language. We then got to enjoy lunch in Yokine Reserve before returning to school. This was an experience we will not forget.

By Jordan R and Michael Y