Last Thursday afternoon, the Year 10 cohort embarked on a trip just a little shorter than Shorashim. This was of course, Zio Sem!

After arriving at the campsite, we were welcomed by the amazing mads! That evening was filled with incredible tochniot such as an escape room and an area filled with our memories from Israel.

Friday morning consisted of our very own Shuk Machane Yehuda; we made juices, challah, pitot and coffee. Shabbat preparations then commenced; everyone played their role in making sure Advent Park looked its best.

Our Shabbat experience was moving; Kabbalat Shabbat, ruach and delicious food brought us back to Israel.

On Saturday night, our parents arrived to share Havdalah with us. Mr Lawrence gave a TED Talk on the symbolism of Havdala and then we went to enjoy a live musical Havdala. The evening continued with incredible ruach dancing and closed with our Shorashim video. With thanks to Mrs Kagan and many volunteers for an awesome evening

This meaningful Zio Sem was one to remember. The maddies are awesome!!!

Kyler, Maya & Susie