On Wednesday 2 December, our Year 7s and 8s participated in a Twinning program with two schools in Israel: Amit Girls’ School in Ma’ale Adumim and Aderet Boys’ School in Bat Yam. The students introduced their schools over zoom sessions and then went into ‘break-out zoom rooms’ to play an interactive game which included Chanukah content together with a personal touch. For example: מתתיהו הכהן, מיהו מנהיג שהייתם רוצים לפגוש ולמה?  Matityahu the Cohen, Name a leader you would like to meet. Why?

Then the students asked each other questions - ours were curious about quarantine in Israel and its impact on the Israeli students’ learning. The Israeli students asked many questions, including whether we had kangaroos hopping in the streets!

It was a very enjoyable link up and, on both sides of the world, everyone is enthusiastic about continuing this connection in 2021.  See the video our Year 8s created for their ‘twin’ school to let them know a bit about Perth and Carmel.