Towards the end of Term Three last year, we surveyed parents, students and staff of Carmel. These surveys are conducted each year and give us a good understanding of how the different groups within the community experience the School. It also provides a platform for staff, parents and students to give anonymous feedback. We had an excellent response rate to the survey and it yielded useful results that, when collated, allow us to identify patterns. These results have been summarised below were presented to staff at the January professional development session. The results have also been analysed by the Senior Management Team and used for planning purposes.

Any member of the community who wishes to have more information on the survey, its intention and results, is welcome to contact Susanna Wills-Johnson via email.

Response rates:

  • Staff response rate: 47.2%
  • Parent response rate: 32%
    • Note: in the parent group, both parents are invited to respond.
  • Student response rate: 47.1%

Satisfaction rates:

  • Staff satisfaction rate: 77% (consistent with previous years)
  • Parent satisfaction rate: 78% (slight increase on 2018)
  • Student satisfaction rate: 72% (slight increase on 2018)

Areas of greatest satisfaction:

  • Staff: team leadership, work/life balance, engagement, procedures, organization, empowerment
  • Parents: reporting, values and culture, safety, students are respected, clear policies and procedures, facilities are conducive to learning
  • Students: reporting, school pride, helpful teachers, welcoming new students, positive connections with teachers

Areas identified for attention:

  • Staff: internal communications, new staff induction, equity
  • Parents: communication, co-curricular
  • Students: behaviour management

Planned action resulting from survey:

  • Support and training for staff in the area of classroom and behaviour management
  • More regular updates to staff on relevant issues and decisions
  • Review the communications platforms and frequency used with parents and adjust as required