With all that he did for his Bar Mitzvah, Naftali was  beginning his journey to fulfil his dream: to be a first class chazzan, just like his dad. Naftali led the Minyan for Shacharit before his laining and his melodious, joyous davening was the impetus for a festive, ruach-filled celebration at Bnei camp, marking his commencement of Jewish adulthood.

Naftali is enjoying Maths this year with Mr George, but his favourite subject and pastime is definitely sport. A keen basketball player and follower of the Golden State Warriors, Naftali loves to hang out and play sport and swim with his friends. He’s looking forward to Purim, his favourite chag of the year. We are looking forward to it too and we can’t wait to see what imaginative costume he has in store for us this year.

Mazel tov Naftali!