Firstly, Lisa, thanks for all that you and the P&F do for our School. You’re an efficient engine that churns away in the background, adding so much to Carmel School, and you’re all volunteers which makes what you do that much more admirable.

Looking back on 2019, what would you see as the P&F’s main goals and how far did you and your team go towards achieving those?

Our goal in 2019 was to offer a new and exciting event, that being the Rottnest Raffle. This was very well supported by the School community, with many individuals purchasing multiple tickets. The lucky winning family won a week’s accommodation on Rottnest Island during the peak December holiday season. When we began planning this project, our intentions were twofold: we aimed to create excitement, enthusiasm and a little healthy competition within the School community while aiming to raise a healthy sum of money we could donate to the School.

Combined with the success of our coveted car park raffles, grape juice bottle labelling project and the annual Sausage Sizzle held at the Primary School Athletics Carnival, we were able to add to our P&F savings.

I believe the School has benefited from several new items as a result of P&F fundraising efforts. Can you elaborate on these?

In consultation with our Principal, Shula Lazar, the Committee proposed to gift the School a music bundle, including a bass guitar, drum kit, microphones and music stands, speakers, acoustic guitars, keyboards and other peripheral music items.  Members of the P&F Committee were instrumental in sourcing and pricing these items which were purchased and paid for at the end of 2019.

We were also proud to be involved in sourcing and purchasing ten refrigerated water fountains across both campuses.  Five new drinking fountains have now been installed in the Primary School and five have been added in the High School.  The positive feedback about these new drinking stations from students and staff is incredibly rewarding to the Committee, and we are thankful for all the support we received that allowed us to have such a successful year.

You’ve just had your annual AGM. Were any changes made to the P&F structure off the back of that?

This year we have three new general Committee members who have joined the P&F.  Their fresh energy and ideas are something we’re excited about! 

In 2020 we will be trialling a new approach whereby, rather than having the P&F President be ‘in charge’, each Committee member will head up a project.  Each project leader will manage a team of volunteers so as to gain experience in leadership, delegation and management.  In turn, this will allow the fundraising and friend-raising to be a shared experience for all on the Committee.

Walk us through how your ideal 2020 would unfold in terms of the P&F’s goals.

Our ideal 2020 would be one where new parents and friends joined our team. We are keen to invite anyone to be a part of our events and are always open to new ideas. We would also like to not only be seen as a fundraising body, but one that can offer help to the School in practical ways, like helping with cooking or baking for special events or Chaggim, and setting up the hall for performances or talks.

We also value the friend-raising role we are able to play in arranging social events that bring people together.  We are exploring ways to do more of this in 2020.

As yet, we have no set fundraising goals but we are keen to offer a few different and interesting events this year, which are being discussed by the Committee.

Tell us a bit about you and your life outside of the P&F: what takes up the lion’s share of your time and what’s your ultimate recreational pastime?

Outside of the P&F, I have my own Individual, Couple and Family Therapy practice.  My work gives me the opportunity to assist and support people in improving their relationships. 

When I’m not working, I love to walk and get out into nature.  My little long haired mini dachshunds are my favourite walking companions, who enjoy going to the beach, exploring the bush or local parks with me.  

My husband Andrew and I have recently taken up kayaking.  This new-found passion is something we aim to enjoy as often as possible. We’ve even taken our dogs out on the kayaks with us - and they have their very own life jackets!