What experience most sticks out in your mind from your Carmel days?

Looking back on my days at Carmel, I remember the good times spent with my classmates: the laughter, the friendship and the special community by which we were surrounded.

How long have you been in the jewellery business for now?

Fifteen years!

Was jewellery a passion of yours back in Carmel days?

Yes it was. I got my first set of pliers in Year 11 and began piecing together earrings with beads and fishing line! I soon received orders from family and friends and landed my first stockist on King Street not long after that.

What do you put your success down to?

A lot of determination, a huge amount of passion and love for what I do and a vision for the brand that I am creating.

Does your business involve standard retail outlets only, or have you ventured into the online world as well?

I stock in boutiques Australia-wide and internationally as well as through carlypaiker.com.au and various other online stores, such as The Iconic.

What message would you have for current Carmel School pupils?

Enjoy the time that you get to spend with your classmates and friends every day; it really is special and an experience like no other.