Hi Guys,

Here are five steps to help us stay safe this Corona season. 

  1. Whether you religiously uphold the Government’s rules of social distancing and extensive handwashing or you still high-five everyone in the corridor, remember that others have differing views so be respectful of everyone’s personal space and hygiene. 
  2. Don’t waste your toilet paper. In a time when nerves are high and toilet paper is low, be resourceful and share a little. We have all imagined a time when we’re on the throne one day, only to realise there is no toilet paper in the house. Do not worry! We assure you that throughout this ordeal you will not run out of toilet paper, so tell your parents to stop hoarding and think about others who are also in need. 
  3. Whether you realise it or not, we all touch our faces whilst we are doing schoolwork, allowing the harmful Corona virus to latch onto our bodies. It can be hard to abstain from such actions and as a result, we (the SRC), and every single media source across the globe, recommend…you guessed it! To regularly WASH YOUR HANDS! Whether it be to Dance Monkey, Wrecking Ball or even the Carmel School song, we must all wash our hands so we can all get along!
  4. If the school closes, take advantage of your new workspace by loading up on your favourite snacks. Yes, it is important to be able to have fun and eat whenever you want, but don’t forget to exercise!
  5. Show greater respect and patience towards the teachers. They are being pushed and stretched as they are not only teaching, but also planning work for us to do if the school should close. We should all behave and be star students.

Stay kind, stay safe, and stay cool 😊