Presented by past students, Carmel School is running, over a four-week period, their new Masterclass Program for Year 12 students leading in to their Semester 1 exams.

The brainchild of Mr Shadgett, students stay after school to revise content answer structures and learn exam tricks and tips from our top past students.

One of our Masterclass tutors, alumnus and 2018 School Captain Ruth Karotkin - who is currently studying Early Childhood Education while also working as an academic English tutor for Years 7, 8 and 9 during the day at Carmel - says she believes the Year 12 Masterclass student experience has so far been worthwhile. Closer in age and having only recently been in their shoes, Ruth has felt an immediate synergy with her Human Biology Masterclass attendees. “And it’s nice being back; I’ve always loved Carmel,” she adds.

Perhaps the best judge of how the classes are going is the Masterclass cohort itself. Aimee M, who attends Ruth’s Human Biology class, noted, “I have found the Masterclasses really helpful in preparing and revising for exams. The tutors are all very relatable as they really understand what it is like to be in Year 12. They help us by showing us what they did when they were in Year 12, in an honest way. They really seem to want us to succeed.”

Aimee adds that tips on both revision and writing exams, as well as kick-starting the revision process early, have made the Masterclasses particularly beneficial.

Tutors work with Carmel teachers to earmark specific topics for revision during a Masterclass. As part of her tutoring style, Ruth compiles worksheets from old exam questions to consolidate the learning and revision process.

So far, the feedback has been outstanding and we thank our alumni for running these amazing revision sessions for our ATAR students.