Mazal tov to Ashri F who, for the second time in as many years, has placed first in the Science Talent Search (STS) Awards! Last year he won the Science Photography category and this year placed first in the Communication category.

This year, 260 entries from 368 students were entered into this category - a huge jump from last year in the numbers of participating students, as some schools used this as an activity while on COVID isolation. This makes Ashri’s win even more significant.

Ashri says the subject matter for his video - curiously called, Why You Should Pee on Your Feet in the Shower – came from something humorous his teacher Mrs Poustie said in class one day.

“Mrs Poustie always mentions funny things in her class, especially when she’s teaching Human Biology. When we were learning about the immune system, she very loudly told the class to ‘pee on their feet in the shower’. I decided to take this idea and make a video!”

Asked about the science behind such a bold statement, Ashri went on to say that the flushing action and acidity of urine acts as an external defence mechanism to stop pathogens entering your body. It also works to sterilise. If you urinate on your feet in the shower, especially public showers, you are effectively killing pathogens like Tinea that might be present on your feet.

“The key areas of focus for the STAWA Science Talent Search are originality and creativity” says Mrs Poustie, “and Ashri has these characteristics in spades, evidenced by his other first place win in the Science Communication category of the competition.”

“Ashri’s entry was quirky and fun. He held the interest of the audience as he explained his concept. His video focused on the role of urine as an external immune defence mechanism due to its high acidity. In his video, Ashri discussed its benefit in preventing skin infections such as Tinea (Athlete’s Foot) from developing.

“It was his patience and determination that produced a winning project. Congratulations to Ashri and thank you for representing the school so well,” added Mrs Poustie.

The STS is a Kindy to Year 12 competition where students are required to create a 60-second video on their chosen science concept.