By Year 9 Georgia D

Since the beginning of Term 3, the Year 9 Food Technology classes have been preparing and baking for the exciting Annual Cake Competition. Both classes were instructed to make cakes suitable for a children’s birthday party. Planning and researching were parts of this project, but the most time-consuming and detailed ingredient of this task was put into the creation of our cakes. Layers of cake, icing and fondant were being made each week, all different colours, flavours and designs. Despite a few freezing mishaps and cakes with melting fondant, each baker remained positive and dedicated to finishing and presenting their amazing cakes.
This cake competition gave us all a chance to explore our creative and imaginative abilities and learn a practical and fun skill, which we can advance on throughout our lives.
Thank you, Mrs Leeb, for providing us with this wonderful opportunity, it was thoroughly enjoyed by all your Year 9s!

Special thanks go to Sam B, whose artist eye for photography was on the other side of the lens in the photos displayed here.