In Year I our focus in Health is how to keep our bodies healthy. First, we predicted how much sugar is in various foods and were shocked that some foods had so much sugar. We then brainstormed which experts to ask about a healthy eating plan and decided that a nutritionist would be the way to go.

OKC Gabsi S is at Curtin University studying nutrition. She came in and told us about the three food groups and explained that it’s important to eat fruit and vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates. She encouraged us to be creative with our snacks and have something from each food group. A good snack could be yoghurt with some berries and a sprinkle of muesli on the top. Mrs Creasy and Mrs Scher are positive role models as this is their standard snack for morning tea each day! Gabsi also told us how important it is to drink water. Thanks to thank Gabsi for presenting such an interesting session for our children.