Shira-Tal doesn’t lament being the middle child, instead she sees it as a bonus to have siblings who are older and wiser, as well as younger siblings who are cute and entertaining. For that is Shira-Tal’s attitude towards everything in life: seeing the positive and being happy and grateful for everything she has!

Shira’s Bat Mitzvah was a winter wonderland; a pleasant change from the searing heat of Perth. But there was nothing cold about the simcha, it was full of ruach and joy as the community celebrated this wonderful milestone.

In her spare time, Shira likes to play basketball with Maccabi and is looking forward to going on Shorashim in Year 10.

In her Dvar Torah, Shira spoke about the dreams of Yaakov, Yosef and Paroh. Shira, we hope that all your dreams come true!

Mazal Tov Shira-Tal!