The Rabbi and Rebbetzin Freilich Award for the student who upholds the mitzvah of “Veahavta Lerayacha Kamocha” to all

Gabriel Schule

The Rotary Club of Perth Performing Arts Award for contribution across the music and dance program at Carmel School

Lyla Neuman

The National Council of Jewish Women Award, sponsored by the President, Ms Jennifer Faigenbaum, for excellence in Yahadut


The Woodside SciTech Science Award for excellence in Science

Chaya Avital

The Chabad Shule Award, sponsored by Rabbi Shalom White, for excellence in Torah


The WIZO Award for excellence in Hebrew 

Natanel Kawaz

The Jewish National Fund Award, sponsored by the State President, Mr Gavin Kotkis, for showing commitment to the environment


The Woodside SciTech Science Award for excellence in Science

Jayda Barron

City of Stirling Citizenship Award for being a mensch, an active school citizen and a positive role model in the School

Toby Samuel-Dawson and

Yonatan Berg

The Mierowsky Grandchildren’s Award, sponsored by Mr & Mrs David Mierowsky, for embracing the ethos of Carmel School and demonstrating exemplary leadership throughout the year

Ariella Ryvchin

The Shirley and Len Atlas Award for excellence across all strands of Mathematics

Levi Moen

The Leon Cohen Memorial Award, sponsored by the Late Dr A Cohen, for excellence in English


The Late Bala Kempinski Library Award, sponsored by Hannah and David Goldstone, for passionate engagement with literature


Highly Commended for the 2021 Tim Winton Award for Young Writers

Lila Wilkin

Public Speaking Award, sponsored by Betty Gild

Mia Mowszowski

The Federal Member for Perth Award, sponsored by Mr Patrick Gorman MP, for sportsmanship and performance throughout the year

Gidon Scop


The Felice and Henry Lichtenstein Visual Art Award, sponsored by Mrs Betty Gild, for excellence in Visual Art 

Vanessa Long

The Jeanette Machlin Community Services Award, sponsored by Mr Amos Machlin, for excellence in Humanities  

Blake Cohen

The Runner-Up Dux Award co-sponsored by Ms Amber-Jade Sanderson MLA, Member for Morley and Mr Simon Millman MLA, Member for Mount Lawley 

Vanessa Long

 The Late Karl & Edna Meister Scholarship for Dux of the Primary School 2021, sponsored by Mrs Miryam Salter (USA) 

Levi Moen