Ari’s house is filled with animals! A haven for rescue dogs, cats and canaries, Ari is kept busy caring for creatures great and small, while still finding time to perform with the Australian Girls’ Choir, do all her homework and read a copious number of books each week. A seasoned camper, Ari loved Year 7 survival camp and is enjoying English classes in High School.

It is unusual to find a young lady who engages with social media for a good purpose; Ari uses the platforms to keep herself informed of world events and is, at this young age, keenly aware of injustices occurring across the globe. When asked what her aspirations are for her future, Ari said that she wants to be able to make a difference and there are so many causes that need people to care and do.

Ari was born on Chanukah, and we know she will always bring light to the world through her vision, empathy and actions.

Mazal tov on your Bat Mitzvah, Ari!