By Mrs Cherie Russell

Mock Trials got off to a wonderful start at Carmel this year. With a record number of students allowing us to create three teams, we have been a strong force at the Supreme Court over the past fortnight or so. Round 1 saw all Carmel teams on the prosecution side in a bizarre case of criminal damage involving a giant inflatable penguin (yes, you read that right!) and two rival university clubs. Thanks to cutting performances from our barristers, sage advice from solicitors and the unshakeable testimony of our witnesses, Carmel put in an impressive performance at each of our three trials. Congratulations to our Years 10 and 12 team who won decisively on the night. Bad luck to the Year 11s who narrowly lost this time but who most certainly showed loads of potential as smart and savvy legal eagles. Round 2 and 3 will take place next term, with finals to follow in Term 3.

From what I’ve witnessed so far, I have to say I’m feeling optimistic. My thanks go to all the students involved for their incredible efforts in preparation, including turning up on time to 7am rehearsals. Thanks to the parents for driving the kids around too! And lastly, a very, very special thank you to Noa J for stepping in at the last moment to help out the Year 12s. Noa, you’re a champion!