Carmel High School students paused for a few minutes today in a calm manner to pay respects for the tragedy in Israel last weekend and to recognise the ongoing horrific COVID situations in India, Brazil and elsewhere. 

Rabbi Dan said a few words to remind students that when we pause to reflect and pray, we help ourselves to become more caring and thoughtful people. 

It is always important to remember that we live in a global community and are part of a bigger picture than just our own lives here in WA. 

At the end of this short but poignant assembly, we said a short tehillim/ psalm together and then moved on to mentor and the rest of our day. 

May the memories of those lost be for a blessing. 
And may HaShem heal the hearts of the broken relatives. 
May HaShem send a speedy ‘Refuah shlema’ to the sick. 

Simon Lawrence 
Director of Jewish Studies