By Ms Anna Lee 

Our Novices debate team, Sarah G, Rachel B, Hannah S, Maya F, Matthew R and Aaron L (mostly Year 7s who have never debated before) have won all three of their debates so far this debating season, despite having a postponement due to COVID lockdown and having to prep for two topics at once.  

 The Juniors, Sofia K, Asher R, Jordan R, Michael Y, Ariella S and Naomi K, have won two debates and narrowly lost on their first impromptu debate ever on a very hard topic. 

We have two more rounds to go and I’m super excited to see how they go for the rest of the season! 

Aviya S is currently in Tasmania with the Australian Schools Debating Competition. They have lost in a split decision against Victoria, won unanimously against the Northern Territory and have lost in a close split decision against Victoria the last two days. 

Mazal tov to all of our committed debaters!