On 12 May we watched our Wednesday afternoon German Wheel Club students honing their skills in the gymnasium and even had a go to see what all the excitement is aboutWow, is it exhilarating! Coach Emma Gardiner of Perth Wheel is the only trained Wheel teacher in WA – how lucky we are to have her. Student Rachel B said, “The German Wheel is one of the most enjoyable and fun things I’ve done and the teachers are great, which is why I can do many skills while only joining five weeks ago”. Ari B added, “It’s a fun activity for me to release my energy and learn cool tricks. The instructors are really nice and supportive too. It feels good to push my limits and try new things and Wheel allows me to do that.”  

The Wheel Club will be running for the rest of the year each Wednesday after school and the message from coaches Emma and Lilach is, “Join us for a wheelie good time!” Log in to Facebook to see a video of the students at Wheel Club.