At the Valedictory Assembly on Friday 22 October, Carmel School Captains Jakey Parry and Aviya Solomon gave a powerful speech to those assembled. Jakey focused on the value of what he termed ‘The Carmel Bubble’ in preparing graduates for life outside of Carmel School while Aviya farewelled and thanked Principal Shula Lazar, recognised the supreme vision of Carmel’s founding families and focused on the stabilising anchor provided by a sound Jewish education.

Said Aviya, echoing the words of her grandfather and Founder Joe Berinson OBM, “Judaism will survive if we treat it as a religion or a way of life but it will certainly not survive if we treat it as a part-time hobby. Because, while you can do many things on a part time basis - you can play sport part time, you can work part time - you can’t be a Jew part time.”
Wishing Jakey, Aviya, the rest of our capable SRC and wonderful Class of 2021, lehitraot, farewell, as they relax after exams and claim their bright futures.