By Mrs Terri Spartalis
In Week 7, Year 7 students Ariel B and Hannah S and Year 8 Sacha R attended their fourth full-day session of the Young Writers Collective Program at Fremantle Literature Centre. The three students, along with students from a range of other schools, revelled in the opportunity to learn from engaging and inspiring fantasy author, Meg Caddy.
Author of Waer and Devil’s Ballast, Meg taught our students about the importance of perseverance and self belief, something she drew upon when publishing her first book ten years after her first draft was completed. Doing two draft copies of their next piece of creative writing should not faze these students now!

Ariel, Hannah and Sacha participated in a variety of writing activities to extend their descriptions of fictional locations and include fantastical and magical elements to their prose.
We hope to see our students continue to follow their passion for reading and writing. Perhaps one day we might have the joy of reading one of their novels.