Ariel B and Hannah S (Year 7), and Annabelle C and Sacha R (Year 8) attended the Literature Centre Young Writers Collective day on Friday 20 August, run by the Literature Centre in Fremantle, which enlists published authors to run creative writing workshops for students. We were extremely lucky to have author and Fogarty Literary Award recipient Rebecca Higgie to conduct the Friday workshop. Students engaged with the theme of ‘History, Magic and Mischief’ and wrote character sketches, explored how history can inspire fiction, wrote magical settings (such as Ariel’s grandfather’s mulberry tree) as well as looked at the genres of historical fiction and magical realism. Our Carmel students produced outstanding pieces of writing throughout the day which they shared in front of their peers. A signed copy to Carmel School of Rebecca’s latest novel, A History of Mischief, will soon be in the School library.