There is something particularly special about Carmel School graduates walking back through our gates as Carmel School teachers. Blake Segler, Old Kid Carmel (OKC) 2009, returns this year as our new High School Mathematics/Science Teacher and is excited to be working within the Carmel School community once again.

Blake says he has always had an interest in all areas of science.

“Since I was a kid, I have always been fascinated by the way everyday things work. The lights, the fans – what makes them do what they do?” he said.

Blake graduated from Carmel School in 2009 and studied what was then called an Advanced Science Program at the University of Western Australia. His tertiary achievements are vast, graduating at the top of the Faculty of Science in 2013 with a string of awards and a Bachelor of Science (Advanced Science Programme) with First Class Joint Honours in Physics and Pure Mathematics.

Blake then embarked on a journey of post-grad research projects and mathematical consulting roles before deciding to pursue his real passion in the education sector. Inspired by his own teachers at Carmel School, Blake knew from a young age, that he would eventually become a teacher.

“The teachers I had growing up at Carmel were very passionate and excited about what they were doing, and it was really enjoyable to learn from them,” said Blake.

“I often found myself helping fellow students with schoolwork, so my old Carmel friends were not surprised when I decided to switch careers and become a teacher!”

Blake began his teaching career at the newly opened Joseph Banks Secondary College in 2017. Here he taught Maths and Physics and had the opportunity to design and run brand new courses.

“Although it was challenging at first, I realised during this time how much I love the creative aspect of teaching,” Blake said.

Blake also created and ran a successful science outreach program for the College called SCIScope which brought in local primary school students to engage with student-led science projects at the College. SCIScope attracted fruitful government and industry partnerships and is still going strong today.

After working with several larger schools, Blake is now enjoying the strong sense of community at Carmel School.

“There is a real vibrancy about the students here, that you don’t see at a lot of other schools,” he said.

“They are filled with a genuine interest in Science, and I really like that - being able to fuel that excitement for learning.”

“Our students are highly engaged and enthusiastic about their learning and there is a culture of knowing and caring about each other that I connect with.”