We made it! It’s the end of Term and time for everybody to take some time off. Our students and staff have worked very hard and it’s easy to see the signs of tiredness at school. These signs are reflected in a few more latecomers in the morning, some more antsy behaviours from those who have peaked a little early and are struggling to last the final week of term, some friends not being as thoughtful as they normally are ... Parents may have noticed that their offspring are more difficult to get up and out in the morning and that they are generally grumpier than usual. These are all signs that people are tired and need a rest. This is why we have breaks at the end of each Term.

It’s really important that we all make some time for relaxation during breaks from school. Even hard-working Year 12 students (perhaps especially hard-working Year 12 students!) need to maintain a balance in their lives and schedule some time to switch off their brains and give themselves a rest.

We all rest and relax in different ways. I shall be spending a week in a friend’s beach house with my dog, Poppy. We’ll walk along the beach two or three times a day, whatever the weather. I’ll read some books and try to sleep at more sensible hours. I’ll cook lunch for friends. I might work on a quilt I’m trying to finish for my sister, but I’ll be careful not to set too many targets and make my holiday less restful as a result. It will be great not to look at my school email while I switch off from work over Pesach!

My holiday challenge to all the Carmel students at the end of Term 1 is based on the focus on kindness we have had this term. I challenge them to perform an act of chesed (kindness) and send us a photo of themselves doing it to shalom@carmel.wa.edu.au  If you need some ideas for the challenge, I’ve included some below; these are by no means exhaustive and I’m sure our students and their families can come up with lots more creative ideas. I’m sure many of you are already kind enough to include others in your holiday plans and ensure that nobody is left out. I shall look forward to seeing all the evidence of kind acts carried out during the holidays and will think of a good way of sharing these with you next Term.

I’d like to thank everybody for the kindness and welcome that they have extended to me as their new Principal. It has been a fabulous first Term; I have learnt a lot and plan to return refreshed and re-invigorated for Term 2.

Chag Pesach Sameach and enjoy the holiday.


  • Tidy your room without being asked
  • Phone someone lonely
  • Babysit for someone
  • Walk your neighbour's dog
  • Read a book to someone special
  • Make a parent breakfast in bed
  • Handwrite someone a letter
  • Pick up some litter
  • Bake to cheer someone up
  • Lend your friend a good book
  • Invite someone new over to play
  • Take the time to listen