I am so very proud of the Class of 2022 and I congratulate them for putting in the hard work necessary to produce these impressive results. Each student has shown such integrity and courage over recent years and for this they are to be commended.

Carmel students are so much more than just their ATAR result. From the first day of the year, this connected group of young men and women worked together to create a fun and engaging place to come and learn each day. Their smiling faces and animated conversations brought a lively buzz to the School and whilst studying hard, they made time for volunteer work and raising money for mental health. They planned and implemented a fabulous Purim which involved the whole High School and made for a joyous day.

We celebrate and congratulate all Year 12 students and make special mention of our Dux of 2022, Michael Schaffer, who achieved an ATAR of 99.65, placing him in the top 0.3% of the State. He is one of 6 Carmel students (33% of the cohort) who achieved a score in the top 5% of the State.

In summary, our Class of 2022 achieved the following results:

  • 100% achievement of WACE (‘graduation’)
  • 28% of students achieved an ATAR over 97
  • 56% of students achieved an ATAR over 90
  • 78% of students achieved an ATAR over 80

As you may be aware, the annual publication of ATAR results inevitably leads to much discussion in educational circles regarding the validity of a school’s median ATAR as a measure of achievement. Carmel School’s median ATAR this year was 90.93 - whether this will feature in the media will depend on how many students are required in a cohort for the statistic to be reported. This in no way diminishes our pride in the excellent result and the hard work which led to it.

Many of our students had already received early entry to universities. Those who chose alternative pathways involving Certificates or portfolio entries forge ahead with a variety of plans including a confirmed apprenticeship in building and construction and entry to a Bachelor of Education in teaching.

Together these young people have grown and developed a strong bond with each other. They will certainly leave their mark on the world as they head off to a number of different places for 2023 – to university, to Israel, to study, to work, to travel.

Their actions during the end of year celebration day and valedictory reflected the values of the School – excellence, integrity, connectedness, curiosity and courage. This cohort will be remembered for the way they grew and developed as a cohesive team and for their support of each other.

Mazal tov to each student for the effort put in to achieve these amazing results and to their fabulous teachers who model drive, dedication and determination. I am confident that our students are well-prepared to embrace their bright future in the world outside Carmel.

Dr Julie Harris