Levi celebrated his Bar mitzvah two weeks ago, at Perth Hebrew Congregation (PHC). His Parsha was Bereishit – the first one of the year - and he read a section of his Parasha in shule. Levi explained to me that it’s all about creation and what happens from that point until the story of Noah’s ark. The story is also about the legacy of Adam and Eve. The message that Levi understood as told in this Parsha is that you should make your own choices rather than doing things that people tell you to do. He inferred this idea from the story of when a snake convinced Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, despite it being forbidden. He stated that he was quite nervous before starting his reading, but once he had read the first section, it was “all good” and most people told him that it went very well.

The celebrations for Levi’s Bar mitzvah started with a large Shabbat family dinner on the Friday, with some catered food as well as some home-cooked. It sounded quite delicious, with chicken, brisket, lamb cooked in pastry, rice with lentils and multiple salads

Since Primary School, Levi has celebrated joint birthday parties with his friend Alec, because their birthdays are only one day apart.

A week after Levi’s Bar Mitzvah, they hosted their party. It took place in the Maccabi gym, and they played basketball, as well as Ping-Pong and dodgeball in the outside area. Four arcade machines also sounded like great fun and there were lots of kids present, mostly from Carmel School. The best bit was apparently the dodgeball – it was “really fun.”

Levi feels that post Bar-Mitzvah, he is now obliged to daven more, as well as putting on tefillin – he can also be called up for a Torah reading in the shule and he should be a role model to other kids at shule. I am confident he will carry out this role effectively. Levi was delighted to have the honour of being called to the Torah at Alec’s Bar mitzvah (a week after his).

Levi’s hobbies outside school include reading (he is currently reading ‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir, kindly recommended by Mr O’Brien), playing video games, football and Lego. He says that the best bit about Carmel is that because it is a small community, you know everyone, and are a lot closer to the other students than you might be in some other schools. He found it tough to choose the best bit about Carmel as there are so many good things about the School!