As Carmel School prepares for the commencement for Secondary School exams, Year 11 ATAR student, Maytal V, who is juggling three Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) subjects, shares her experience and preparation strategy.

Among her other subjects, Maytal is undertaking Business Management, Economics and Politics and Law under the HASS banner and considers it a passion.
HASS subjects are rich in content and theory and certain study practices can assist in knowledge retention. Maytal states that key information is often lost amidst dense textbook content and so, the goal is to uncover the main study points.

“I am a visual learner and use tables, graphs and maps or watch videos. People don’t understand how much videos will help to reinforce content covered in class."
Flashcards are also an alternative study option for heavy-content subjects and can be used to quickly test the main facts surrounding a topic. Digital flashcards such as Quizlet, provide an efficient way for students to organise and manage their notes.

Maytal says the recent Federal Election reinforced her Politics and Law learning with regards to Parliament structure, and the impact minor parties and independents can have on the outcome.

“I usually don’t relate to school for its teaching of random things we may not use in the future, but with HASS subjects, I can connect it to my present and life after school,” she said.

Cherie Russell, Carmel School’s Head of HASS agrees with the concept of students acquiring knowledge that can be connected to the world around them anytime.
“[Studying HASS] helps students understand power and decision-making structures, like government and legal systems. It also helps students understand cultural differences and human rights, teaching essential understandings like equality and the importance of diversity."

The skills garnered from these subjects vary and include academic writing and research skills, analytical mindset development, as well as the ability to construct written and spoken arguments.
Looking to the future, Maytal hopes to continue her passion for HASS and is aspiring to study a double degree in Law and Commerce.