We recently connected with Jordan Saddik (OKC 2016) at a very exciting time in his life! Jordan and his business partner have just launched a web-based platform where users can create and share events - called Envited. Read more about Jordan's impressive journey below. 


What year did you graduate from Carmel School? 


What did you enjoy most about attending Carmel School?

The highlight would have to be Shorashim. Going away to Israel for three weeks with your whole year group was an amazingly unique opportunity. It was an incredible way for our year to share pivotal moments together and create memories we still talk about to this day. 

What was your next move after graduating from Carmel? Did you pursue any further study or travel or work?

After graduating I decided to take a gap year where I spent around 7 months in Israel on the IBC program. When I came back to Perth, I started studying economics at UWA while working part-time at the Apple store. Subsequently, I did a few internships before starting Envited. 

 What inspired you to create Envited?

I saw a real need for an events social media platform that was geared towards my age demographic. Personally, I didn’t feel comfortable with how Facebook was harvesting and using my data, so I left the platform. I found that organising events, big or small, became an inconvenience as my friends were dispersed across so many different platforms. After looking deeper into the problem, I found that around 2% of Gen-Z uses Facebook actively, so I knew I wasn’t alone in this problem. 

I see Envited is now live! What date did you launch it? How is it going so far?

Yes, our beta version is live, and the journey so far has been a blast. We launched this version of Envited on the 21st of May and right now we have thousands of users and hundreds of events from all around the world. 

The launch process wasn’t easy and there are a few updates still to come, but that’s all part of the start-up journey. Looking back on it a few weeks after our launch I am super proud of our team and what we have accomplished so far. We are all still early on in our careers, so to see how far we have all progressed since we started, still blows me away. 

How long has it taken you to get Envited to this point?

I met my co-founder for a beer around a year ago. Since then, we have built out multiple versions of the platform to test with our early users, raised a pre-seed round and hired a team. It took us months to finally get to the point where we could start talking to investors. After that we built out the team and product. Raising capital isn’t an overnight process, so it definitely took us a while before we were able to quit our jobs and start working on this full-time.  

What advice do you have for current Carmel School students who have a similar entrepreneurial spirit and/or an interest in the web development/technology sector?

My suggestion to anyone who wants to start a company, whether that be in tech, or another sector would come down to a few main points:

​The first thing I would say is not to listen to anyone’s opinions unless they fall into one of three categories; a user, a serious investor, or someone in the field that has previously walked in your shoes and can give you some advice. There are a lot of people that will tell you what they think, both good and bad. Only listen to the people that actually matter. 

The second piece of advice is to “move fast and break [stuff]” – Mark Zuckerberg. Our biggest mistake early on was we were worried about having an app that didn’t work perfectly, Facebook has bugs, Netflix has bugs, and you will have bugs – unfortunately, that’s just tech. Finally, I would say just go for it! No matter what people think or how little resources you have, you will never have a successful company until you start one. The hardest part is starting - you’ll figure the rest out as you go.