Alec recently celebrated his Bar Mitzvah at the Perth Hebrew Congregation (PHC). He is proud that he read from the Torah in Hebrew and lead part of the service. He said he did very well – it was a nerve wracking experience with so many people present and he felt very relieved when it was over. There were people from Carmel School there, as well as family, friends and others.

The Parsha he read was Noach – Alec obviously practiced reading this for a while, as he was able to tell me all about G_d telling Noach to build an ark to put the animals and himself in, so they would survive the flood.

Sharing a party on the Sunday with Levi M was a great idea – they took all their friends and relatives to Maccabi and played basketball in the gymnasium as well as ping pong, video games and dodgeball. There were about fifty people present, including two cousins who flew over from Sydney for the occasion. Alec also was so happy and surprised that his good friend Gidon came from Melbourne to celebrate his simcha. Alec enjoyed eating fish, salmon bagels, salad, fruit, chocolate mousse and cupcakes – it sounded like quite a feast.

Alec’s best memory of the day was seeing his friends and family enjoying themselves together. Having celebrated his Bar Mitzvah means that he has become a man, but he doesn’t feel any different quite yet.

Sport is Alec’s main hobby and his top two loves are baseball and soccer – both watching and playing them. He plays for the Morley Eagles baseball team in summer and for Perth Soccer Club in winter. He plays soccer for Carmel School when he can. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Alec’s favourite subject at school is sport. He cites the best thing about being at Carmel as the good teachers, who he says teach clearly and well.

Mazal tov Alec!