Kindy Creations at the Kindy Portfolio Evening

Time seems to be racing past – can it really be that we’re nearing the end of Term 4 and I have (nearly) survived my first year as a principal?!

Although the Primary School is still buzzing with the promise of the infamous and much-awaited concert which I am very much looking forward to, the last couple of weeks of term in the High School are feeling very strange, with Years 10 to 12 off campus and only Years 7 to 9 left to greet at the gate in the morning.

As we near the end of the year, it is appropriate that certain aspects of our hard work are finalised. Last week I shared with you our aspirational list of the characteristics of our Carmel graduates. This week, I am pleased to be able to share a document that summarises our core beliefs and values. The overarching vision of Carmel School (Am Yisrael Chai) remains steadfast and our motto (Faith and Knowledge) is unchanged. Articulating our purpose, “To provide students with an excellent education where they connect meaningfully with their Jewish identity and embrace the opportunity to make a difference”, emphasises the belief we have that our Carmel students will play a significant part in the future, not just locally, but globally.

The Carmel Leadership Team, together with your input from the work on Carmel graduates, has also developed four pillars which underpin our thinking and which will help structure our plans for the future – belonging, learning, wellbeing and stewardship. Lengthy discussions about our school values led to our refreshing of the Carmel School values, which guide our pursuit of purpose and vision – excellence, integrity, connectedness, curiosity and courage. You can look forward to hearing more next year about how we will highlight these values with our students throughout their time at school.

I am happy to report that both our Kindy classes for 2023 are now entirely full and we will put further names onto a waiting list as they arrive. This is great news for the School and the result of the hard work of a lot of people who have focused on supporting young parents in the community to realise the benefits of a Carmel education. The Kindy concert on Tuesday evening was a sheer delight and the best possible end to the day. The singing was lovely and the portfolios showcasing the children’s learning throughout the year really were fabulous, as was watching the faces in the room as they shared their precious work.

Earlier this week, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting a group of women at their regular NCJWA meeting and chatting to them about a day in the life of a principal. Although the IT let me down and my woeful lack of expertise with large television screens became evident, I hope it didn’t detract from my presentation. I love sharing the varied nature of my work with our community and dispelling the myth that principals just sit at a desk all day.

As we near the end of the year, with people finalising their plans for the future, I am able to announce two staff movements. Nadine Shainfeld has had a long affiliation with Carmel School both as a parent and an employee in the areas of marketing, enrolment and as our High School receptionist. She leaves us to take up the position of Executive Assistant with WIZO WA in January 2023; we thank her for all her hard work and wish her the very best in her new role. Rishita Roy soon ends her one-year Marketing Junior role at Carmel School, which she describes as having been “a fabulous experience”. Her time at Carmel was evidently effective, too, as she has secured a new role as a Digital Marketing Campaign Co-ordinator with Fortus Group. We wish her all the best for the future.

Shabbat shalom.


Julie Harris