Carmel School has won the ‘School of the Year Award’ for the second time, by having the most successful entries across multiple categories in the Science Talent Search (STS) competition.

The most notable student award was the 'Rowe Scientific Emerging Talent Award' won by Vanessa L and Chaya A for their innovative mask design using silk and activated charcoal to reduce friction and increase effectiveness. They were also awarded the second-place win in the Year 7/8 Science Engineering category.

Jonah P, Daniel S and Saul K placed first in the Year 9/10 Investigation category for their Toothpaste Gum design.

Dylan R and Caleb H placed second with their investigation of the effectiveness of masks worn during COVID, while Charlotte W placed third in the 9/10 Investigation category for her investigation of whether the time of day affected short term memory.

In the Year 9-12 Communication category, Ashri F placed second, this being Ashri's fourth consecutive finalist appearance at the competition. His video titled ‘Piano Energy’ explained the Physics behind the musical instrument.

The STS competition has been run by the Science Teachers’ Association of Western Australia (STAWA) for the past 64 years and is open to students from Kindergarten to Year 12. The competition encompasses a wide range of categories to expand student knowledge in the areas of Science Investigation, Engineering, and Science Communication.

Principal Dr Harris remarked “As an ex-Science teacher, I am incredibly pleased with this fabulous result for Carmel School and our Science Department. Mrs Poustie and the Carmel Science students have excelled, and it is wonderful to see their talents and hard work recognised with success at this level”.