The night before Josh’s Bar Mitzvah, he enjoyed what sounded like a fabulous meal with family friends – chicken soup, more chicken, followed by apple cake and ice cream. This set him up well for his reading at Dianella Shule on the 3rd of September, when he read aloud sections 1, 2, 3 and 7 of the Parsha Shoftim.

The Parsha involves (amongst other things) Moses reviewing the Israelites’ system of justice and the rules of doing battle. Josh said he read it all out loud in shule and found it surprisingly un-stressful. This is probably because he had practiced a lot with his brother, Adam, who is apparently a patient teacher.

Since his Bar Mitzvah, Josh now puts on tefillin each morning at school as well as at home on Sundays. He also davens in the actual shule every Shabbat, which wasn’t the case before.

Josh’s favourite subjects at Carmel School are media and drama. In terms of hobbies, he enjoys playing the saxophone and after a recent game of badminton with a friend, he is keen to give that sport a go.