Abby explained that the plan had originally been to share a Bat Mitzvah with Zehava, but this didn’t quite work out. Abby’s mum spent much of Friday setting up for her Bat Mitzvah and made some beautiful pastel pink decorations– she also prepared all the catering herself. Abby enjoyed Shule on Friday night, and then had a delicious three-course Shabbat dinner with her family at a friend’s house.

Abby’s D’Var Torah was delivered on Saturday morning at Shule and was centred on Parsha Nitzavim. She spoke about the importance of passing Judaism and Jewish values on through the generations. Following her D’Var Torah and the conclusion of the service, a lovely kiddush was enjoyed by all Abby’s Perth relatives and many of the Year 6 Carmel students.

The most enjoyable parts of her Bat Mitzvah were the valued mini siddur presented to her by the Shule and of course the lolly throw. Having lunch with her grandparents made it a special occasion and the indoor climbing party for all her school friends on the Sunday was great fun.

Abby describes Purim as her favourite festival at Carmel School – she loved the whole day, but the highlight was the Purim play – particularly getting organised and learning her part.