Mazal tov to Carmel School’s Teacher of Jewish Studies, Hebrew and Food Technology, Shohan Taub for securing one of only 10 available Australian scholarships to the Torah L’Am course.

This 12-week course, developed by the London School of Jewish Studies (LSJS), has never been offered in Australia before. In partnership with Lead at the Jewish Leadership Council UK (Lead - Inspiring Jewish Leaders), the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance (JOFA) Australia has offered Australian women the chance to receive access to the Torah L'Am course on Zoom.

“Torah L'Am, Torah for Everyone, is a short study and empowerment program - a crash course in Torah. It's about learning a straightforward step-by-step practical method for exploring and expressing the meaning of a Torah text,” said Shohan.

“I am among 10 women in Australia to be offered a scholarship for this cohort, which is a huge privilege.”

Consisting of various webinars and learning opportunities, the course is delivered by teachers from LSJS - all experts in their fields. Shohan says she is most excited about the opportunity to learn with Miriam Lorie, Rabbi in Training at Kehillat Nashira - the first orthodox British woman to hold a clergy role and Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum, the Dean of LSJS.  With a few assignments to complete along the way, the course culminates in a final Torah talk presentation in early September.

Impressively, Shohan was also accepted into another course in partnership with JOFA – Biblical Women: Emerging from the Margins through Midrash.

“This ten-week learning journey focuses on great women of the Tanach (Bible). It delves into the creative, imaginative thinking of our sages and scholars, classic and modern,” said Shohan.

“JOFA Australia's aim is to expand the spiritual, ritual, intellectual and political opportunities for women in Australia within the framework of Halakha (Jewish law). They believe that the best way to empower women and help them take on positions of leadership is to provide opportunities that provide further training and education.”

“I think that educational opportunities for Orthodox women are continuing to grow and develop and that I have an obligation to myself and to my students, to take advantage of opportunities to expand my knowledge. I look forward to sharing what I learn with the rest of the Jewish Studies staff at Carmel School and using what I have learned to enrich the education of our students,” Shohan said.