Lior celebrated his Bar Mitzvah at PHC on Saturday 20th May. He had been practising for the bar mitzvah at PHC for a whole year on Thursdays after school and was well-prepared.

Family gathered at Carmel School on the Thursday morning before Lior’s bar mitzvah to share his first tefillin experience with him. It was very special to be able to share the occasion with all four grandparents as well as his parents and siblings. Lior was called to the Torah and his family and classmates were able to join in the joy in the room as Lior embarks on the path to Jewish adulthood.

Lior’s Friday night was memorable for a number of reasons as well as the service – his brother broke his tooth playing outside shule and his cousins, aunty and uncles had flown over from Sydney to be able to enjoy the family dinner together.

The Parsha prepared by Lior and presented on the Saturday morning was Bamidbar and told the story of God telling Moshe to conduct a census of the 12 tribes of Israel. This was followed by a trip south to Mandurah and a celebration at the bowling alley with platters of falafel.

Lior explained that now he is Bar Mitzvah, this year’s Yom Kippur will involve his first fast and is anticipating that he will be very hungry!

For Lior, the best bit about learning at Carmel School is being with his friends but not having too many people in each class, so the teachers can focus on you. We agree.