During the school holidays, we had the privilege of representing Carmel School at The Young Leader’s Council hosted at UWA. The Young Leader’s Council aims to connect like-minded senior student leaders from various different schools across WA.

The Young Leader’s Council comprised four workshops throughout the year, with the first workshop themed “Future Leadership and Innovation’.  We were lucky enough to engage with Venture, a university student-led organisation creating opportunities for students to develop enterprise and innovation skills, build capability and grow networks. In addition, we heard from members of the UWA Student Guild about their experience as young leaders in the community before we broke off into our second activity of the day which was called “Controversial Conversation”. This activity was aimed at developing our critical thinking, public speaking, and communication skills. Finally, we heard from WA Federal Senator Fatima Payman, sharing her story as a young female politician with an Islamic background.

All in all, it was an excellent and engaging workshop providing us with the innovative tools to implement change in our school community, as well as creating friendships and bonds that are unique. We are so looking forward to the upcoming sessions and can’t wait to learn more!

We would like to thank the school for this incredible opportunity and extend our gratitude to Morah Zsuzsi for making this possible.

We strongly encourage younger students to immerse themselves in these types of opportunities!

Ashri and Dina