Mr Ben Wyatt, Dr Julie Harris and Mr Jonathan Schneider at the Carmel Business Breakfast

It has been a busy week at Carmel School and although the end of term is almost visible in the distance, there is still so much left to do. I reassure myself that it feels this way each year, yet we always achieve what we need to in time for the end of term. It’s too early to be looking forward to the break at this stage, but the prospect of some time to read and relax late in December is keeping me going and we have some tired students who may well be looking forward to the break already. Until then, the busy world of Carmel School continues apace – with various events running both early and late on many days of this week.

A group of teachers involved in our teacher leadership program enjoyed a professional learning workshop with a visiting speaker from AISWA after school on Tuesday, on the topic of holding courageous conversations. We were urged to think not of challenging conversations, nor difficult conversations, but courageous conversations, which aligns well with our school value of courage!

On Tuesday morning, the annual Carmel School Business Breakfast was a huge success, with staff, business colleagues, friends and visitors from various companies across Perth meeting at Fraser’s for networking over an early morning feast and a fascinating speaker. I was privileged (and slightly terrified) to be asked to deliver my first acknowledgement of country and enjoyed listening to ex-Treasurer Ben Wyatt sharing his vast financial knowledge with an interested audience. A delicious breakfast was enjoyed by all and for me, it was lovely to now recognise so many of the attendees.

On Wednesday evening Carmel hosted new Kindergarten parents visiting the Kindy classrooms and hearing from the educators who are looking forward to working with their children in 2024. The classrooms looked fabulous as usual and the session provided an excellent introduction to the way in which the Carmel Kindy operates. We enjoyed looking at examples of learning through play and hearing about a day in the life of a Kindy student at Carmel.

Year 6 students enjoyed a day in the High School on Thursday, preparing for the next stage in their school journey. I enjoyed chatting with some of them at lunchtime – they were very positive about their experience and, depending on who you asked, their favourite activities included each one of the sessions they had attended, so the teachers had clearly done a fabulous job. We are very much looking forward to working with these students as they ‘cross the oval’ in January.

Until then, we continue learning. With Rottnest camps, Year 10 exams and a special program for the last week of time, there is much to look forward to before the end of term.

Shabbat shalom

Julie Harris