Noam’s Bar Mitzvah took place at Chabad Shule on the morning of Saturday 22nd July, following a few months of weekly study. Noam was proud to read his parsha (Devarim) in Hebrew.

Noam was pleased to invite friends from school to attend the celebration, he enjoyed a Shabbat dinner with family and close friends at home on the Friday evening. They all attended Shule on Shabbat morning, listened to his D’Var Torah and then went back to his house to enjoy their Shabbat lunch together.

One memorable part of the celebrations was the fun of having lollies thrown at him! He also recalled becoming really nervous during the reading of his Parsha. Noam had to switch into autopilot and the reading went well and all his worries faded away, which felt great. He loved everyone wishing him ‘Mazal tov’ afterwards.

Noam’s favourite subject at Carmel School is sport, especially basketball. In the classroom, he is starting to appreciate Maths and has moved up a group as he starts to pick up the ideas involved.

Since being Bar Mitzvah, Noam reports much less stress as he has finished learning to read his parsha! He has been more responsible at home, walking the dog more often and completing more domestic jobs around the house. I’m sure his family has appreciated his efforts.