On Thursday, 15 February, students at Carmel High School heard from Sahar Shimon, Founder and CEO of The Association for Regenerative Agriculture & Agroforestry in Israel.

In Perth for the EvokeAg agrifood tech innovation conference, Sahar took the opportunity to speak with the students about agroforestry and the importance for this new farming style in Israel, and around the world.

As a passionate young farmer and entrepreneur, Sahar is leading the field of Regenerative Agriculture, with a particular focus on Agroforestry. She explained to the students the need to merge agriculture and forestry technologies to create sustainable food systems in Israel.

In her childhood, Sahar spent a few years living in Australia. When she returned years later as a young adult, she was captivated by the possibilities of ecological farming systems. Her travel’s fuelled a quest that ultimately led her back to her family property in Israel where she works with farmers all over Israel to help implement agroforestry technologies.

Sahar has close family living in Kfar Aza, who were deeply affected by the atrocities of 7th October. She explained the need to replant trees in the decimated Gaza Border areas, such as the Be’eri Forest, JNF Australia’s Green Sunday project.

“Now, more than ever, we need to support the agriculture and farming industries in Israel’s South,” says Sahar Shimon.

The farms in Israel’s South have been heavily impacted by the war, especially since thousands of foreign workers are no longer available. Sahar is heartened to experience how many Israelis and visitors to Israel are volunteering and making an impact at the Gaza envelope farms.

The students were told that they are part of an important integration cycle of environment, innovation, and people. The students and our community, doing their part for Israel, are included in the cycle that will regenerate Israel’s farmlands and help Israel to thrive once again.

JNF Australia was delighted to help organise this invaluable opportunity for the Carmel students to meet an important changemaker from Israel.